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Medicine Woman Soap has been making soap for our local community since 2003. We're a family owned business teaching the next generation of soap makers!

Medicine Woman Soap traveled to Ghana, West Africa in the summer of 2016 and taught soap making skills to locals to teach them how to use their local resources to stay healthier.

By purchasing Medicine Woman Soap, you are helping to support to spread the "Good News" Gospels around the world.

Medicine Woman Soaps are jumbo size around 10 ounces of natural oils and herbs and high antioxidants delivered to your skin. We make no medical claims of healing anyone. Medicine Woman Soap makes you comfortable under your own skin!

Medicine Woman Soap offers wholesale prices to retail stores with a storefront and physical address. There is a minimum of $200.00 order for first-time buyers. We try to make your wholesale experience with us exciting, we want to see your store grow!

Medicine Woman Soap is a Christian business on a mission to help people with their skin.

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You can buy Medicine Woman Soap at the following locations:

This and That, Canton, Oklahoma, since July 2008

Dodson's Nutritional Food Center 1305 36th Ave NW Norman, OK 73072

Call us or email us, for special wholesale pricing.

Medicine Woman Soap has been featured on KSBI Channel 52 in Oklahoma City and The Look OKC and the Oklahoma Gazette and Super Health: Radio' General. On SuperTalk WKY- 930 AM. Hosts Kyle Drew, Mickey O'Neil and Elissa Meininger. It has been available at the Health Food Center in Oklahoma City since 2004.

Medicine Woman Soap specializes in medicinal soaps for sensitive skin. We have been making soap for the Health Food Center in Oklahoma City since 2004. We use organic oils and raw material to make our soaps. Medicine Woman Soap offers a variety of scented soaps for the senses. We also offer unscented soaps with no additives or you can get them with medicinal essential oils added. We hope you enjoy being beneath your skin! We believe it is not impossible for anyone to have beautiful skin if they use natural God made oils and herbs and the salt of the earth. Our goal is to cover your skin with the healthiest organic oils created by God. Our soaps are tested on our own family members before it goes out on the shelf and before it reaches your hands. We do not use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to increase lather it is a cancer causing additive. We use roots and spices for coloring.

Medicine Woman Soap is a Christian company operating on Christian principles. We believe that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Patricia spent seven years working for hospice and saw the seriousness in skin care and skin breakdown and decided that there should be soap on the market that would help aging skin and to strengthen it with natural healthy oils. She wanted to create a soap that would be healthy and beneficial for all ages and all skin types. While new ideas are always forming new bars of soap with new formulas she gives God all the credit for her creations and believes that it is God that sometimes gives her the recipes for new soaps, with a little prayer and the answer comes.

Patricia later joined the staff of the Health Food Center where she worked for five years listening to the needs of customers and trying to meet their needs for certain skin types and skin conditions. She continued a long intensive study of herbs by attending learning seminars and studying in-depth and the benefits of alternative health.

Patricia is part Chickasaw Indian and remembers the time her grandmother shared soap making with her.

We believe that your skin is the most important organ that God created covering all of the other organs and it's our job to protect it. Medicine Woman Soap travels the globe bringing new skin care ideas to you! We were so excited about our trip to Israel that we wanted to make our online shop a Holy Land experience for all to see. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Medicine Woman Soap

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405-630-0489 (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. central time zone)
Medicine Woman Soap ships USPS Ground, expect between 3 to 7 business days to receive your merchandise. It depends on where you live and special holidays. We try to be very fair with our shipping.
Thank you for using Medicine Woman Soap! Patricia Kelley