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Medicine Woman Soap has been making soap for our local community since 2003. We're a family owned business teaching the next generation of soap makers!

Medicine Woman Soap traveled to Ghana, West Africa in the summer of 2016 and taught soap making skills to locals to teach them how to use their local resources to stay healthier.

By purchasing Medicine Woman Soap, you are helping to support http://gospelsforamerica.org to spread the "Good News" Gospels around the world.

Medicine Woman Soaps are jumbo size around 10 ounces of natural oils and herbs and high antioxidants delivered to your skin. We make no medical claims of healing anyone. Medicine Woman Soap makes you comfortable under your own skin!

Medicine Woman Soap offers wholesale prices to retail stores with a storefront and physical address. There is a minimum of $200.00 order for first-time buyers. We try to make your wholesale experience with us exciting, we want to see your store grow!

Dead Sea Salt with Blue Green Algae
Dead Sea Salt  SoapDead Sea Salt  Soap
Dead Sea Salt Soap
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Product Description
(9oz) Dead Sea Salt with Blue-Green Algae This Powerhouse soap is made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Palm Oil with Sweet Almond Oil with Organic Coconut Cream and Organic Hawaiian Spirulina with Organic Lemon Grass and Silica. Spirulina this dream food from the sea has medicinal properties that accelerate speeding up cellular skin cell renewal as well as the lemon grass. Spirulina is filled with vitamin A, B, C and many amino acids as well as minerals; many call this manna from the sea. This powerhouse soap also has the miracle of Dead Sea Salt where people will travel for miles to relax in the healing waters of the Dead Sea. This powerhouse soap works good as a all over body scrub to remove dead skin cells and to regenerate skin cells. Fresh Lemon Verbena Scent

Traditional Indian medicine employs lemongrass for fever, infection, and sedation. 1 Other uses include as an astringent, fragrance in beauty products, food flavoring, and treatment for skin conditions, muscle pain, infections, fever, colitis, and indigestion. 1 , 2 However, effectiveness of lemongrass has not been sufficiently evaluated to help substantiate these claims.

Dead Sea Salt Benefits

Magnesium Chloride 33.3- Promotes skin tissue healing and provides skin with anti allergic elements.

Postassium Chloride 24.3- Moisture regulator that maintains neutral environment in the skin.

Sodium Chloride 5.5- Relieves stiff muscle cramps and maintains neutral environment.

Calcium Chloride 0.2- A building block for corrective tissue under the skin surface.

Bromide 0.5- Soothes skin, relaxes body muscles, and tranquilizes nerves.

Sulphates 0.15- A natural disinfectant

Water of Crystallization 36.4 - H2O

The Dead Sea is the only place in the world that combines it all; year-round hot weather, an enriched oxygen atmosphere, therapeutic UVB solar radiation, a mineral-rich salt sea, world famous mineral-rich mud, thermomineral hot springs and luxurious spas.

Research has shown that the combined climatic factors have a long lasting positive therapeutic effect on dermatological diseases such as psoriasis ,eczema and rheumatic or degenerative joint diseases.

Medical and scientific research studies indicate that Dead Sea Climatotherapy is very effective in treating numerous illnesses, the most common being the skin disease, psoriasis. Dead Sea climatotherapy has also been found to have therapeutic effects on atopic dermatitis (skin allergy), vitiligo (loss of pigmentation), and early stage mycosis fungoides (skin cancer).

Precautions: Brine baths are demanding on the circulatory system, and those with weak or poor heart circulation should consult with a doctor beforehand. If a full bath would be too strenuous, then a footbath may also be used.

The Dead Sea, Salty Sea also known as Siddim is first mentioned in Genesis 14:3 All these were joined together in the vale of Siddim, which is the salt sea.

These latter kings joined forces in the Valley of Siddim (the Salty Sea) Siddim the Salty Sea was full of tar pits that ran between Sodom and Gomorrah. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with hail and fire of brimstone.

Brimstone is sulphur an inflammable mineral substance found in quantities on the shores of the Dead Sea. The cities of the plain were destroyed by a rain of fire and brimstone (Gen. 19:24, 25). In Isa. 34:9 allusion is made to the destruction of these cities. This word figuratively denotes destruction or punishment (Job 18:15; Isa. 30:33; 34:9; Ps. 11:6; Ezek. 38:22). It is used to express the idea of excruciating torment in Rev. 14:10; 19:20; 20:10.
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