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Medicine Woman Soap has been making soap for our local community since 2003. We're a family-owned business teaching the next generation of soap makers!

Medicine Woman Soap traveled to Ghana, West Africa in the summer of 2016 and taught soap making skills to locals to teach them how to use their local resources to stay healthier.

By purchasing Medicine Woman Soap, you are helping to support http://gospelsforamerica.org to spread the "Good News" Gospels around the world.

We currently support Pastor Samuel Asante Beecham in Ghana West Africa and 40 plus Orphans in Kenya through Pastor Moses Simiyu/

Medicine Woman Soaps are jumbo size around 10 ounces of natural oils and herbs and high antioxidants delivered to your skin. We make no medical claims of healing anyone. Medicine Woman Soap makes you comfortable under your skin!

Medicine Woman Soap offers wholesale prices to retail stores with a storefront and physical address. There is a minimum of $200.00 for first-time buyers. We try to make your wholesale experience with us exciting, we want to see your store grow!
Ginger Lime Soap for POOR Circulation
Ginger Lime SoapGinger Lime Soap
Ginger Lime Soap
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Product Description
Ginger Lime Soap is Made with Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil with Organic Coconut Cream and Sweet Almond Oil. This Powerhouse Soap has Organic whole ginger root and ginger root powder with ginger essential oil and lime.

This is a great soap to wake up in the morning with that gets the circulation going, or a great one to end a long day with. Ginger Lime Scent with Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger is antimicrobial and bactericidal that also stimulates circulation and anti inflammatory that works as a natural blood purifier. It is also known to reduce wound healing time.

The remains of Peter's Mother In-law's house.
Thank you for using Medicine Woman Soap! Patricia Kelley