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Medicine Woman Soap has been making soap for our local community since 2003. We're a family owned business teaching the next generation of soap makers!

Medicine Woman Soap traveled to Ghana, West Africa in the summer of 2016 and taught soap making skills to locals to teach them how to use their local resources to stay healthier.

By purchasing Medicine Woman Soap, you are helping to support http://gospelsforamerica.org to spread the "Good News" Gospels around the world.

Medicine Woman Soaps are jumbo size around 10 ounces of natural oils and herbs and high antioxidants delivered to your skin. We make no medical claims of healing anyone. Medicine Woman Soap makes you comfortable under your own skin!

Medicine Woman Soap offers wholesale prices to retail stores with a storefront and physical address. There is a minimum of $200.00 order for first-time buyers. We try to make your wholesale experience with us exciting, we want to see your store grow!

Pink Himalayan Salt Soap
Pink Himalayan Salt SoapPink Himalayan Salt Soap
Pink Himalayan Salt Soap
Item#: 705105416946
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Product Description
(9oz) This Powerhouse soap is made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Palm Oil with Sweet Almond Oil with Organic Coconut Cream and Organic Hawaiian Spirulina with Organic Lemon Grass,turmeric and Silica. Spirulina this dream food from the sea has medicinal properties that accelerate speeding up cellular skin cell renewal as well as the lemon grass. Spirulina is filled with vitamin A, B, C and many amino acids as well as minerals; many call this manna from the sea. This powerhouse soap also has Pink Himalayan salt crystals that come from the pristine Himalayan Mountains a natural source of a constellation of minerals that absorb right into the skin. Salt has been known for centuries to recharge and renew the human body. In Germany and Sweden they have Salt Spas for people to come and meditate and heal their bodies it is a time to relax and recharge and renew the mind body soul and spirit. This powerhouse soap works great as a all over body scrub to remove dead skin cells and to regenerate new skin cells.

Below is a spectral analysis of Himalyan pink salt. The list shows all the trace minerals, electrolytes, and elements contained in Himalayan salt.

Hydrogen H 1 0.30 g/kg DIN

Lithium Li 3 0.40 g/kg AAS

Beryllium Be 4 <0.01 ppm AAS

Boron B 5 <0.001 ppm FSK

Carbon C 6 <0.001 ppm FSK

Nitrogen N 7 0.024 ppm ICG

Oxygen O 8 1.20 g/kg DIN

Flouride F- 9 <0.1 g/kg Potentiometer

Sodium Na+ 11 382.61 g/kg FSM

Magnesium Mg 12 0.16 g/kg AAS

Aluminum Al 13 0.661 ppm AAS

Silicon Si 14 <0.1 g/kg AAS

Phosphorus P 15 <0.10 ppm ICG

Sulfur S 16 12.4 g/kg TXRF

Chloride Cl- 17 590.93 g/kg Gravimetrie

Potassium K+ 19 3.5 g/kg FSM

Calcium Ca 20 4.05 g/kg Titration

Scandium Sc 21 <0.0001 ppm FSK

Titanium Ti 22 <0.001 ppm FSK

Vanadium V 23 0.06 ppm AAS

Chromium Cr 24 0.05 ppm AAS

Manganese Mn 25 0.27 ppm AAS

Iron Fe 26 38.9 ppm AAS

Cobalt Co 27 0.60 ppm AAS

Nickel Ni 28 0.13 ppm AAS

Copper Cu 29 0.56 ppm AAS

Zinc Zn 30 2.38 ppm AAS

Gallium Ga 31 <0.001 ppm FSK

Germanium Ge 32 <0.001 ppm FSK

Arsenic As 33 <0.01 ppm AAS

Selenium Se 34 0.05 ppm AAS

Bromine Br 35 2.1 ppm TXRF

Rubidium Rb 37 0.04 ppm AAS

Strontium Sr 38 0.014 g/kg AAS

Ytterbium Y 39 <0.001 ppm FSK

Zirconium Zr 40 <0.001 ppm FSK

Niobium Nb 41 <0.001 ppm FSK

Molybdenum Mo 42 0.01 ppm AAS

Technetium Tc 43 unstable artificial isotope - not included

Ruthenium Ru 44 <0.001 ppm FSK

Rhodium Rh 45 <0.001 ppm FSK

Palladium Pd 46 <0.001 ppm FSK

Silver Ag 47 0.031 ppm AAS

Cadmium Cd 48 <0.01 ppm AAS

Indium In 49 <0.001 ppm FSK

Tin Sn 50 <0.01 ppm AAS

Antimony Sb 51 <0.01 ppm AAS

Tellurium Te 52 <0.001 ppm FSK

Iodine I 53 <0.1 g/kg potentiometrie

Cesium Cs 55 <0.001 ppm FSK

Barium Ba 56 1.96 ppm AAS/TXR

Lanthan La 57 <0.001 ppm FSK

Cerium Ce 58 <0.001 ppm FSK

Praseodynium Pr 59 <0.001 ppm FSK

Neodymium Nd 60 <0.001 ppm FSK

Promethium Pm 61 unstable artificial isotope - not included

Samarium Sm 62 <0.001 ppm FSK

Europium Eu 63 <3.0 ppm TXRF

Gadolinium Gd 64 <0.001 ppm FSK

Terbium Tb 65 <0.001 ppm FSK

Dysprosium Dy 66 <4.0 ppm TXRF

Holmium Ho 67 <0.001 ppm FSK

Erbium Er 68 <0.001 ppm FSK

Thulium Tm 69 <0.001 ppm FSK

Ytterbium Yb 70 <0.001 ppm FSK

Lutetium Lu 71 <0.001 ppm FSK

Hafnium Hf 72 <0.001 ppm FSK

Tantalum Ta 73 1.1 ppm TXRF

Wolfram W 74 <0.001 ppm FSK

Rhenium Re 75 <2.5 ppm TXRF

Osmium Os 76 <0.001 ppm FSK

Iridium Ir 77 <2.0 ppm TXRF

Platinum Pt 78 0.47 ppm TXRF

Gold Au 79 <1.0 ppm TXRF

Mercury Hg 80 <0.03 ppm AAS

Thallium Ti 81 0.06 ppm AAS

Lead Pb 82 0.10 ppm AAS

Bismuth Bi 83 <0.10 ppm AAS

Polonium Po 84 <0.001 ppm FSK

Astat At 85 <0.001 ppm FSK

Francium Fr 87 <1.0 ppm TXRF

Radium Ra 88 <0.001 ppm FSK

Actinium Ac 89 <0.001 ppm FSK

Thorium Th 90 <0.001 ppm FSK

Protactinium Pa 91 <0.001 ppm FSK

Uranium U 92 <0.001 ppm FSK

Neptunium Np 93 <0.001 ppm FSK

Plutonium Pu 94 <0.001 ppm FSK

Additional Combined Elements

Water H2O 1.5 g/kg DIN

Ammonium NH4+ 0.010 ppm Photometrie

Nitrate NO3- 0.09 ppm Photometrie

Phosphate PO4 3- <0.10 ppm ICG

Hydrogencarbonate HCO3- <1.0 g/kg Titration

The sodium chloride content is 97.41% and meets the worldwide necessary standards for

table salt.


g/kg Grams per kilogram

DIN German Standards Institute

ICG Ionchromatography

AAS Atom absorbtion spectrometry

TXRF Total reflection - X-Ray - Floresence-Spectometry

ppm Parts per million

FSM Flamespectrometry

FSK Frequency Spectroscopy

Thank you for using Medicine Woman Soap! Patricia Kelley